Congratulation on taking this big step in getting married and may Allah bless both of you and bless your marriage commitment.

The followings are the procedures and information necessary to complete all the necessary legal papers:
1. Obtain a marriage license from your local county courthouse.
2. The Imam is certified by the State of Virginia to the civil/legal marriage.
3. Marriage Application and Pre_MaritalContract must be completed and signed
4. Dowry is the right of a woman in Islam and must be determined between the parties before the marriage ceremony is performed
5. Two witnesses are required for the Islamic marriage to be completed.

For your convenience, we have also enclosed a page with practical information about the marriage license application process in the Counties we serve. We deem this information to be complete and accurate. Nonetheless, please make sure you check with your County in order to verify any possible changes. Please understand that, as autonomous bodies, every County is free to make changes to these requirements at any time. We are not responsible for any modification a County or Counties make to this information, or for any way or means the County or Counties choose to make these changes public.


Files to download:

1. Marriage Application
2. Pre_MaritalContract