PWIC Sunday school Terms and Conditions

1. School is held every Sunday, from 10am to 1pm.

2. There will be three subjects taught each Sunday and the day will be divided as follows:

10:00-11:30  –  Quran memorization and Islamic studies

11:30-11:45  –  Snack/break

11:45- 12:45  –  Arabic studies

12:45- 1:00  – Practical teachings/Games

3. Classes start sharp at 10:00 am.

Attendance of all classes is MANDATORY & ESSENTIAL to benefit from the program. Students who arrive after 10:15am need to go to the office first and if they have a valid excuse then they can come to the class. If no valid excuse is presented, the student will miss the first class and can attend the second class. Students with frequent delays will be subject to disciplinary action or even dismissal.

4. There will be an Evaluation report sent to the parents/guardian twice a year for signature. Please sign and return it to the office soon after receiving it. These documents will be kept in the student’s file.

5. In order to work effectively together and Insha’Allah be successful in teaching our children the basics of Islamic education and Arabic language, there will be a mandatory teacher/parent meeting every semester. As mentioned above the attendance is mandatory as this is the only way to assure adequate communication between teachers and parents as well as evaluation of the student’s progress at home.